1932 Ontario Jr. A Champs Windsor Dayus Roofers

Front Row: (LR)
Chris Bergoine (Mgr), Jim McCarthy, Charlie Penaluna, Loyd Dayus,
Stan Taylor, Jack McCann, Frank Dayus (Team Backer)
Back Row:
Freddie Bibbings, George Chapman, Leo Lamoureux, "Bus" Jones, Stan Tranter,
Roy Brisco, Tom Pendlebury, Ernie Ecker, Jack Smith, Willie Rogin, Harry Heydon.

Dayus Roofers won the Border City Softball Association by defeating the Ottawa Street
Merchants in a five game hotly contested playoff series 3 games to 2.
The Dayus Roofers had won the right to represent Windsor in the O.A.S.A. playoffs.

In the first round of the Jr. O.A.S.A. playoffs the Roofers defeated the Chatham Rankins in
two straight games.

In the second round they defeated the St. Thomas Tech team in two straight games.
The scores were 17-4 and 7-5. This victory advanced the team into the Ontario Finals.

In the finals the Roofers faced the Brantford Silverwoods team. They won the first game
by a 13-1 score but Brantford came back and won by a 10-4 margin.
The third and final game was an exciting 3-2 contest won by the Dayus Roofers ball team.
They had won the 1932 Ontario Jr. A O.A.S.A. Championship.

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