Gale Lumber O.A.S.A. SR. B Champions 1966-70.
Oshawa, Ontario. Canada.

Ontario Champions 5 consecutive years:

The Gale Lumber baseball team was inducted into the Oshawa Sports Hall of Fame May 29, 1996. The team was sponsored by John Carnwith, coached by Joe Piontek and managed by Cy Thomson. The team trainer was Harry Ross, statistician Don McKay and bat boy John Hurst. The picture is the 1970 team.

Front row: (left to right) Harry Ross (trainer), Danny Price, Ralph Davis, Wayne Cheesman, Doug Cole, Johnny Hurst (batboy) Palmer Knight, Jim Rowden, Tom O'Connor, Lloyd Mapes, Cy Thomson (manager).
Second row: John Carnwith (sponsor) Don McKay (stats), Harry Heydon, Ron Taylor, Larry Marshall, Reg Hickey, Bob Young, Joe Piontek (playing coach), Ralph O'Reilly, Jack (Red) MacDermaid.
Other players who played during the Championship years not pictured above:
Jim Carnwith (sponsor), Ken Fisher, Dave Hickey, Bill Kornylo, Robbie Mason, Pete Norris, Ron Simcoe, Terry Vail, Reg White and Gord Wilson.

HISTORY of the TEAM: A legend in Oshawa baseball began in 1965 when T.G. Gale Lumber sponsored a team of Oshawa players. The first season the team played Kingston in the Eastern Ontario finals of O.A.S.A. Senior "B" and were defeated. In 1966 the team defeated Sault Ste. Marie to start the string of consecutive Senior "B" Ontario Championships. The Gales continued to win Ontario Senior championships in 1967, 1968, 1969 and 1970. The final victory a two game sweep over Sault Ste. Marie was capped by a no hit shutout win.

Championship Scores 1966-1970

1st Round.......Peterborough _______ (2-0)*(7-1)
2nd Round......Belleville __________ (11-0)*(4-3)
3rd Round.......Toronto ___________ (2-0)*(7-0)
4th Round.......Galt ______________ (2-1)*(2-3)*(3-0)
Final Round.....Sault Ste. Marie _____ (6-0)*(2-5)*(1-0)

1st Round.......Peterborough _______ (17-0)*(1-3)*(7-0)
2nd Round......Kingston __________ (0-1)*(8-0)*(2-1)
3rd Round.......Toronto ___________ (3-2)*(4-2)
4th Round.......Port Colborne _______ (2-3)*(2-1)*(2-1)
Final Round.....Sault Ste. Marie _____ (6-0)*(7-1)

1st Round.......Toronto ____________ (3-0)*(9-0)
2nd Round......Kingston ___________ (0-1)*(3-0)*(2-0)
3rd Round.......Dundas ____________ (1-0)*(0-1)*(1-0)
Final Round.....Sault Ste. Marie ______ (3-2)*(4-0)

1st Round.......Peterborough ________ (6-1)*(1-3)*(1-0)
2nd Round......Kingston ___________ (7-1)*(4-2)
3rd Round.......Welland ____________ (1-0)*(2-3)*(1-0)
Final Round.....Sault Ste. Marie ______ (3-4)*(2-1)*(5-4)

1st Round.......Peterborough ________ (5-1)*(2-3)*(4-2)
2nd Round......Toronto ____________ (4-0)*(5-4)
3rd Round.......Galt _______________ (3-2)*(6-1)
Final Round.....Sault Ste. Marie ______ (7-2)*(5-0)

Statistics during the 5 Championship Years:
Total of 55 games - 44 Wins 11 Losses - 2 no hit no run games - 210 runs for 68 runs against (average score 4-1) 23 shutouts. The 1970 team had the best win/loss record of 8-1

Cy Thomson (Left)(Mgr.) & John Carnwith (Sponsor) Celebrate 5 in a Row !!

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