1945 Ontario Sr. A - O.A.S.A. Champs Windsor Meretsky & Gitlin

Back Row: (L-R)
Johnny Locke Sr.(Trainer), Dean Jackson(Bus. Mgr.), Lyle Dowell, Gerry Parent,
Art Moores, Russ Nantais, Gussy Angus, Eagle Reid (Mgr.)
Front Row:
Herman Landry, Harry Heydon, Art Murphy, Bill Hodgins, Johnny Locke, Steve Zepka
Philip Bakst (Batboy)

The 1945 Meretsky & Gitlin (M-Gees) brought the first O.A.S.A. Sr. A title to Windsor
since 1931. They won first place in the the Windsor Softball League but in the playoffs
they faced the Butcher Engineering squad. In an exciting 5 game playoff series that went to
the wire the M-Gees won three games to two. They had earned the right to represent the city
of Windsor in the Senior A title hunt.

The M-Gees faced the Hamilton Beavers in the next round and defeated them in two games

The final series was against the Toronto Cadmiums. The M-Gees won the first game 2-0
and followed with a 12 inning thriller by a score of 5-4. The Meretsky & Gitlin team
had become the first Windsor team in 14 years to win the O.A.S.A. Senior A title.

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