PRESS RELEASES Harry's Canada Walk.

The Shield Hastings Edition by Bill Freeman Nov.18, 2005

Walking for Health: Harry Heydon's Canada Walk supports his own health recovery and the Heart
and Stroke Foundation.

By Bill Freeman

Hastings - For Harry Heydon walking the roads near his Hastings area home has never been
a better experience. The 66 year old retired computer business owner uses his brisk morning and
afternoon walks as personal therapy -- a way to health and recovery from a series of strokes he
suffered in May 2004.

But he is also using the eight kilometers a day he walks to help raise funds for the Heart
and Stroke Foundation and is determined to walk the 7349 km -- equivalent to a cross Canada trek
from St. John's to Victoria.

And he is well on his way covering 3282 km as of Nov. 8. He figures he will be dipping his
toes (figuratively speaking) in the Pacific Ocean sometime in April 2007.

"I started walking on my own a year-and-a-half ago and started feeling better" he says.
"It's amazing the difference. I have lost over 35 pounds and my sugar count is down. I'm going
at a faster clip than when I first started."

The number of pills he has to take has now decreased significantly as a direct result of his
simple walking program. "It was either more pills or more walking".

Harry started walking May 11 "as part of a plan to change to a healthier lifestyle" and hasn't
looked back. He started out at one km. a day and gradually increased the distance and by that
December was doing two four kilometer walks each day covering 20 hills of varying sizes over two
different courses.

He averages about 5.4 km/hour during the "brisk" workouts. On rare occasions when
he is not able to hit the outdoor course he gets on his treadmill and racks up equivalent mileage.
"I try to keep a constant pace."

What he has also started to do is collect pledges for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.
A special Harry's Canada Walk page is linked to the website. He records his
distances on the site as well, There is a donation link that allows supporters to make contibutions
to the Foundation.

Harry hopes his daily walking regime will inspire others experiencing similar health difficulties.
"I will keep walking and if I can help anybody else out that is an (additional) reward."
"I am influenced by Terry Fox every time I walk," he says of the young athlete turned national icon.

Harry has also developed his own coping mechanisms when it comes to dealing with bad weather
and has special cleats that he attaches to his shoes for slippery conditions.
"You've got to keep walking to keep warm."

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