PRESS RELEASES Harry's Canada Walk.

The Community Press, Western Edition by Brian Schuette Nov.18, 2005

Hastings Man making a virtual walk across Canada

By Brian Schuette

Hastings - On May 1, 2004 Harry Heydon suffered a stroke and had three more in
the week that followed. Ten days later, as part of a plan to change to a healthier lifestyle,
Harry started walking one kilometre per day up and down a steep hill near his home. He gradually
increased the distance to four kilometres per day. By the end of September, he had logged
a full 500 kilometres. His doctor saw a general improvement in Harry's condition and in December
suggested he double the distance if he was able, to eight per day. Harry did this by walking two
four-kilometre walks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. He walks every day, all year
round and as of this week he's travelled 3,322 kilometres! As a health benefit, he has also lost 37 pounds.

His goal is to walk 7,349 kilometres by April 2007. This is equivalent to the distance across
Canada as the crow flies from St. John's, Newfoundland to Victoria, British Columbia. He's not able
to actually go across Canada but figures his virtual tour is the same as far as the mileage is

He has another goal. Harry has long been a great admirer of Terry Fox and was inspired by him to
raise money for a worthy cause, in this case the Heart and Stroke Foundation. He began collecting
donations last week and has set up a website for people to check his progress and to send their gifts
to the Foundation. He is also looking forward to the day he matches Terry's final distance of 5,373
kilometres. Harry would like to see 100 people pledge a penny per kilometre, so he raises a dollar
for each one he walks. Better still, he'd like to see 500 people pledge that amount.

To lend Harry and the Heart and Stroke Foundation your support, email him at - -
or log on to his website at - -. You will find links to the Heart and Stroke
Foundation on the website, along with an address where you can drop off or mail a cheque.

Photo by Brian Schuette

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