1967-8 Mississauga Men's Basketball Champions Crofton Rod & Gun Club

Front Row: (L-R) Terry Tait, Hal Kemp, Harry Heydon.
Back Row: Ron Board, Tony Bridger, Doug Trotter, Murray Smith, John McKenzie.

Crofton Rod & Gun Club are the champions of the Mississauga Men's Basketball League.
They won the league title and faced St. John's in the playoff a 2 game total point
series. They overcame a six point deficit from their first game with St. John's and went
on to win the round 118-111. The first game score was 62-56 for St. John's with Rod and Gun
capturing the second game 62-49.

Murray Smith had 20 points for the winners, John McKenzie 12, and Hal Kemp and
Harry Heydon 10 each. Hal Ridley totalled 20 for St. John's, Al Barker dropped in
14 points. The Championship trophy donated by Bob Benderra of Centennial Cycle and
Sports, is on display at the Crofton Rod and Gun Club in Cooksville. It was discovered
after the game that Harry Heydon the captain of Rod and Gun had broken a bone in his foot
in the first half but continued to play till the final horn. He is recovering with a
cast on his leg.

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