1969 Ontario Sr. A - Tournament O.A.S.A. Fastball Champs Oshawa Tony's
and Canada Summer Games Silver Medal Winners

Front Row (L/R): Larry Marshall, Bob Solomon, Bob Young, Jack Sneddon, Bo Burke,
Wayne Cheesman, Ralph Davis.
Back Row L/R: Geordie Easton, Harry Heydon, Rich March, Phil Solomon, Ron Wright,
Paul Gibbens, Ian McNamee, Pete Landers, Gord Smart (Manager).

The Coaches: Bob Booth, Brent Oldfield, Gord Smart

Trainer: Jordy Easton

The Players:
"Boo" Burke, Wayne Cheesman, Ralph "Moose" Davis, Paul Gibbons, Harry Heydon,
Pete Landers, Ian McNamee, Rich March, Larry Marshall, Paul Parkinson, Jack Sneddon,
Bob Soloman, Phil Solomon, Alvin Tilk, Ron Wright, Bob Young.

The O.A.S.A. was advised that a representative team was needed from Ontario for the
first Canada Summer Games to be held in Halifax in Aug. 1969. They decided on a double
knockout Senior Elimination Tournament to be held prior to the Canadian Summer Games,
with the winner to represent Ontario. The tounament was held in Oshawa with 14 of the
top senior teams in Ontario vying for the honour.

The teams record in the 5 rounds:

Oshawa Tony's - 4        Newmarket Rays Gulf      - 0
Oshawa Tony's - 7 Richmond Hill Dynes - 3
Oshawa Tony's - 4 St. Catharines Old Guard - 3
Oshawa Tony's - 1 London Cable T.V. - 0

This setup a final game between Windsor and Tony's and due to rain was rescheduled for
June 21 1969.

Oshawa Tony's beat Windsor Drop-in Tavern winning the tounament and the right to
represent Ontario in the 1st Canada Summer Games.

The Canada Games Fastball Tounament had teams from every province in Canada including
the Northwest Territories and the Yukon. The games were extremely competative with
B.C., Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, Quebec and New Brunswick all having
excellant ball teams. The three teams that remained for medals were Alberta, British
Columbia and Ontario. Ontario drew Alberta with the winner to take on B.C. for the Gold.
The Ontario team won 1-0 with a perfect game pitched by Pete Landers to advance Ontario
to the final game against B.C.

The final game was won by B.C. by a 5-2 score giving B.C. the Gold Medal and Ontario the
Silver. Although disappointed at the final loss the Ontario team enjoyed the excellant
treatment and accomodations at the Games and the sportsmanship demonstrated by the teams.

This was a once in a lifetime experience, the players from Newfoundland, the North
West Territories and the Yukon were the most interesting and most fun.

The 1969 Canada Summer Games Results:
Ontario - 7         Yukon         - 1
B.C.    - 3         Ontario       - 0
Ontario - 5         Newfoundland  - 2
Ontario - 1         Saskatchewan  - 0
Ontario - 5         New Brunswick - 0
Ontario - 1         Alberta       - 0
B.C.    - 5         Ontario       - 2

Front Row L/R: Larry Marshall, Bob Burke, Ron Wright, Jack Sneddon, Rich March,
Bob Young, Phil Solomon, Paul Parkinson.
Back Row: Norm Parker (Equipment Mgr.), Gord Smart (Manager), Ian McNamee, Ralph Davis,
Pete Landers, Paul Gibbens, Harry Heydon, Brent Oldfield (Coach), Jordy Easton.

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